Digital Diversity — Introducing: SoundBuds Digital IE10

Here at Anker HQ, we’re super-stoked about the release of the brand new SoundBuds Digital IE10 lightning earbuds—built especially for your shiny, state-of-the-art iOS devices.

Packing EQ technology, Apple MFi certification and serious durability, SoundBuds Digital IE10 are the perfect Lightning earbuds for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The IE10’s 3 distinctive EQ modes can be accessed via a simple press of the in-line controller:

Designed for intricate genres, like classical music. Adjust and enhance your audio to feel every rich, harmonic detail.

Clear Voice
Hear the difference, and really elevate vocals. This mode is built for punchy genres like pop and country. Or… anything with lyrics, come to think of it.

Super Bass
All about that bass? The mode is ideal to bring rock, electronic and hip-hop genres even further to life. Use responsibly.

In addition to standard audio, the IE10’s EQ functionality has something for everybody, and adds a special touch to any song.

One of the main acoustic advantages of the earbuds is their digital engineering. A lightning connection and built-in DAC processor, result in a digital earbud that delivers beautiful, high-resolution (24-bit, 48kHz) audio.

This then naturally begs the question…

What IS Digital Audio?

Audio today falls into 2 camps – digital or analog. Digital audio is something that we’ve all come across, but maybe aren’t familiar with the mechanics.

Digital is both recorded and stored electronically, e.g. MP3. This differs from analog formats like vinyl, where audio is recorded and stored on the actual record.

Audio stored on, or streamed into your (iOS) devices will be in binary 1s and 0s. To translate this robot mumbo-jumbo into beautiful analog audio for your beautiful ears, a DAC processor is required.

What IS a DAC?

DAC stands for Digital to Analog converter.

If digital music is present, a DAC processor will be there too. With the trusty old 3.5mm analog audio jack, the DAC will be built into your device – this means that the process of decoding audio from digital to analog is done from within.

However, with the IE10s a DAC is built directly into the earphone’s controller. Having a DAC built directly into the earbuds means that you can do things like change the EQ at the press of a button, rather than having to do so via your device or alternative software.

Why is Digital Audio better?

While the digital vs. ‘warm, crackling’ analog audio debate will no doubt outlive us all, a good digital audio system ensures better audio when it hits your ear. (And you can’t wedge a 12 inch vinyl inside your tiny iPhone).


Better technology + better audio quality + better ears = better sound.

And SoundBuds Digital IE10 certainly delivers 3-dimensional, beautiful HD audio. With all this in mind, we can finally begin to answer the question…

Why are IE10s the best choice for my iOS Device?

With the cataclysmic, #PrayForiPhone fallout from Apple’s decision to to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack, iPhone 7 owners (and presumably device owners of the future) will have a decision to make.

● Jack-It-In: There is of course a headphone jack adapter with the iPhone 7, but this can be fiddly and is also liable to be lost. Even with an adapter, it feels as though phones are becoming evermore slimline, and the analog 3.5mm jack’s days may be numbered regardless.

● A Bit of Blue: Bluetooth headphones are another alternative – and we’ve got a great selection3. While listening to audio wirelessly is a fantastic innovation, one downside is the fact that Bluetooth headphones need to be recharged fairly regularly at this early stage of the technology.

● Light Up Your Life: If you’re pining for the the pure simplicity of ‘plug in and go’ that the 3.5mm offered, then we think the SoundBuds Digital IE10s Lightning’s port is a fantastic option. With 3 EQ modes, HD audio and compatibility with virtually any of Apple’s recent releases, it’s never sounded better to plug in and ‘play it your way’.

SoundBuds Digital IE10 are available now on, and coming to other platforms in early 2017.

What do you think to the Digital IE10s? We’d love to hear your thoughts!…