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quick charge title

Free yourself from the annoyance of recharging every night and the agony of watching your phone slowly creep up a single percent in 5 minutes.

Quick Charge 3.0 is currently the world’s fastest and most efficient phone and tablet-charging technology—able to charge devices up to 85% faster than standard chargers. After just 10 minutes charging, a Quick Charge phone can be used for up to 8 hours.

We worked closely with Qualcomm to become the first brand with a complete collection of certified Quick Charge 3.0 portable, wall, and car chargers. A Quick Charge-compatible phone paired with an Anker charger is the fastest partnership in the world.


USB title

Fed up of having different cables and chargers for all of your devices? USB-C technology is about to change your life.

Phone and tablet charging speeds used to be limited by technology that only supported a tiny 20W of power. But with the introduction of USB-C and Power Delivery, that limit has been boosted to a massive 100W. This means that not only can USB-C power laptops, computers, TVs and other electronic devices. It’ll soon be charging your phones and tablets at unimaginable speeds.

Anker was the first brand to develop portable, wall, and car chargers that use USB-C and Power Delivery technology.


PowerIQ title

To make the most of Quick Charge and Power Delivery technology you require a compatible phone or tablet. So for devices like iPhones and iPads that don’t support them, how does Anker ensure the fastest charge?

Enter our exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies.

PowerIQ intelligently communicates with the connected device to calculate its fastest charging speed then instantly adjusts its output accordingly. This means that all Apple devices will receive their fastest possible charging speed from our chargers.

VoltageBoost compensates for cable resistance by smoothing voltage output. With cables not affecting charging speed your device receives its fastest possible charging speed, every single time.