Connectivity Utopia

When the 2015 MacBook was released early last year it sparked a USB-C revolution. And as with any revolution, the transition has not been a completely smooth ride. A year after the first USB-C devices were released, have we finally reached the promised land of Connectivity Utopia?

A Quick Refresher (AKA DAE WTF is USB-C?)

And that is it… No seriously! USB-C is simply a new shape of plug and socket to transfer power and data.

Unfortunately though, at this point we must forsake any hope of things staying simple. Because with USB-C comes support for a plethora of new technology, but not always, only sometimes, and sometimes not even ever and even then maybe not.

USB-C connectors support USB 3.1 Gen 2 technology. And other than being a seemingly unintelligible string of letters and numbers, that means USB-C supports super-fast data transfer speeds. Reaching up to 10Gbps, or multiple HD movies in seconds. But remember, ‘support’ for a technology does not always mean that a device uses that technology.

Along with higher data-transfer speeds comes Anker’s area of expertise, CHARGING POWER! USB-C supports Power Delivery technology which is capable of delivering up to 100W of power, or 20X more power than a standard iPhone charger. Just imagine how fast your flagship phone is going to charge when phone manufacturers learn how to take advantage of all this output.

And that’s not all…

Here’s a rundown of your 5 favourite USB-C perks!

In at 5, it’s: Stop, Look, And Listen

Along with the ability to transfer data, USB-C also transmits audio and video signal making it ideal for monitors and other displays.

One place up at 4, it’s: California Love

A massive 10Gbps transfer rate means movies and songs are transferred in a split second.

First on the podium at 3, it’s: I Have The Power

Power Delivery support allows power transfer of up to 100W! That’s some serious charging speed.:heart_eyes:

Just missing out on the top spot at 2, it’s: Universally Speaking

A single cable and plug will supply power and data for other appliances like TVs and some devices we can’t even imagine yet.

And finally, number 1 goes to: The Twist

USB plugs that inexplicably can’t be inserted after the 2nd or 3rd attempt are now a thing of the past. Complete reversibility means it goes in first time, every time.

Alright, alright! Let me into Connectivity Utopia!

How many times must we say: It’s not that easy?!

This new technology has created a market vacuum for low-quality USB-C accessories. A quick search on Amazon for ‘USB-C accessories’ returns countless hubs, cables, wall chargers and portable chargers; all claiming to support USB-C and the latest USB 3.1 specification. But as it turns out, a lot of these products are at best incompatible and at worst downright dangerous.

Of course, with Anker you know you’re getting exactly what we say you’ll get. A reliable and thoroughly tested piece of kit that is going to serve you and your devices well. Our goal is to be the go-to brand for USB-C and Power Delivery accessories. We’re well on the way with accessories that deliver the most advanced USB tech for at home, in the car, on-the-go or on the moon. You might say we’re the guiding light towards Connectivity Utopia.

So, have you guys jumped on the USB-C bandwagon? How have you found the transition to this new tech? What do you think the future holds for USB connectivity?

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